What is your opinion on OIL Refinery?

Time to make Positive Ideas

Time to make Positive Ideas: Dominica as a model for the future life. (edit by Dan Tanner)

Time to Wake Up

The Prime Minister of Dominica gives us a great opportunity to talk with him and express their views on the Oil Refinery. Moreover, on the radio the Prime Minister asked to call him everybody, who have alternative ways to develop Dominica. Personally, we, the authors of DO, called him, because we have several ideas, and we are going to share them with the government.

But we are is just the drop through all residents of the island. Head of government is ready for dialogue with the people and it is worthy of respect. But whether people ready for a dialogue with the government? A simple “No” to oil refinery still does not solve all the problems. There is a need for ideas. Here and now! Our ideas, all of us. What do you want to do? Keep silent or to use your chance?

Unspoiled Nature Island in the Danger

I read in the newspaper that the Prime Minister is going to sign the contract with Venezuela to build Oil Refinery in Dominica. One more pristine corner will be erased from our planet with one stroke of the pen. I'm lost for words but my emotions speak aloud.

The economy of this country will be finally undermined:

Firstly, tourist will not show up here anymore – which person would travel through all this complications just to get to an island with permeated smell of oil? As a result, not only the people, who work in the tourism industry (hotels, guides, divers and others), will lose their jobs, but also the people who serve them – shops, supermarkets and etc.

Secondly, it will agriculture end: who wants to buy bananas, coffee and other products grown on the oil? Rare species of fish will become extinct, giant turtles and whales will not be here anymore too.

Thirdly, all smart people, who do something or understand the situation on the island, will the first to flee hence; the rest of people will just follow them later. As a result, on the island it will remain 400 staff of oil refinery and 400 firefighters to extinguish explosions.

That is such a joyful picture of the future for the pristine nature island, which is listed by UNESCO as a greatest world heritage.

How to stave off disaster?

Help to save the island!

Dominica is ready to help Hugo Chavez?
Or how milk was equated as cocaine

As reported news agencies armed forces of Venezuela had arrested more than 500 tons of foodstuff, which agricultural producers tried to smuggle from Venezuela. Milk and eggs are not drugs. But in terms of building socialism, it is an important strategic resource, which must be under state control. According to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, it is necessarily to control market prices or to nationalize the strategically important spheres of the economy, such as eggs and milk.

In trying to solve some problems, the Government of Venezuela, together with the Government of Dominica has decided to build a refinery in Dominica, although on the island is no trained specialists. There is a less obvious solution: build on Dominica agricultural enterprises, such as a poultry and dairy farm, for which to find and train specialists much easier on Dominica. And the products sent to Venezuela for remove the arose deficit.

The question may seem obvious, but smart government members of Venezuela and Dominica may have a different view.

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