What is your opinion on OIL Refinery?

An Oil refinery should not be an option

All my life I've been living in Dominica, the Nature Isle. Dominica has always been perceived as a natural paradise, the undiscovered gem of the Caribbean, so why is the Government even considering developing an oil refinery here?! I know the country is in great need of financial stability but will an oil refinery make things better for us here in Dominica or will things get worse?

Are they forgetting the kind of image of Dominica they are letting off to the world?

Don't they know what an oil refinery can do to the country and the inhabitants of the country?

Can we really handle an oil refinery?

Am I the only one hearing about GLOBAL WARMING?

Excerpts from an article on Wikipedia- Oil Refinery
Safety and environmental concerns
The refining process releases numerous different chemicals into the atmosphere; consequently, there are substantial air pollution emissions and a notable odor normally accompanies the presence of a refinery. Aside from air pollution impacts there are also wastewater concerns, risks of industrial accidents such as fire and explosion, and noise health effects due to industrial noise.

Environmental and safety concerns mean that oil refineries are sometimes located some distance away from major urban areas. Nevertheless, there are many instances where refinery operations are close to populated areas and pose health risks.

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