What is your opinion on OIL Refinery?

Will be Dominica to live?

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"
Homer's The Odyssey.

"From small causes sometimes have major consequences: one of my friends gnaw off an agnail on his finger, which caused his cancer and he died" - Kozma Prutkov. Kozma Prutkov - is the famous fictional author in Russia, who constantly delivers a banal truth in the clever form, which have subtext and you can discover the depth and wisdom at the bottom of stupidity.

So, what do I want to say exactly? To build the Oil Refinery in the Dominica will be this agnail on the finger, from which Dominica will die. I will not to scare you by direct threats to build this industrial giant on the small island. The bible says: "forbidden fruit is sweet". You still will want to try, in spite of the threats that our Father sends you: such as inevitable fires on this refinery, oil spills because of the tanker accidents near the coasts, air emissions of carcinogens, poisoning your crystal clean waters of rivers and lakes from technological processes - this all will take place. But some people live with that, and we will live too – its will be hold in your mind all time. Shortly to say: the environmental problems are a disease, but this is not cancer. So, if I will say about these direct threats of the build, it will be in another time. Now the speech goes about another, it will go to our psychology. Not yours. About our psychology of the citizens of the industrialized countries. It will be an unexpected consequence, which will not take into account of any environmental examination, and this will be a cancer, which you did not have expected. "God moves in a mysterious way" - the Bible says.

Our psychology is accustomed reality surrounding us that do not wait anything goodness from the construction industry monsters. Take a look. The Americans have built the biggest in the Western Hemisphere oil refinery, which is not hosted on the mainland, but on the small island in the Caribbean - St.Croix, Virgin Islands. Don't they have enough space on the continent? The place is much bigger than in Dominica or St.Croix. Maybe it was built by charitable organization? No, it was built by business, which had taken into account that received gasoline gotten on the island would be more expensive - you know, in the price will be add the loading on the island, transportation by water and unloading in the continent. But it's even more expensive to deal with psychology of the irreconcilable residents from the mainland, who do not know only by told story what is the Oil Refinery. That's why stingy capitalists found "silly natives".

Why a comandante Hugo Chavez came to the decision to build Oil Refinery at your home - Dominica, did you ever wonder? Is it because Venezuela is the richest country in the world, that it could make such gifts? Well, if it was so rich, would he proclaim to build the socialism in their homeland? No, it is not the richest country and the people are deprived much there, but they will not tolerate another Oil Refinery. So, listening to sweet speeches of "comrades", remember: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts". All of these frightening, I told not to frighten you. I will frighten you later. Now I just want you to understand that our psychology and our fears quite different than yours, and this misunderstandings can play with you twisted joke.

Our world is interconnected. You give me something, I return you back. This is trading relation, but it's true. For to sell something you need have bright slogan. "Nature Island of the Caribbean" - you sell under this slogan now. Strike it and try to search another. It's not simply to get in Dominica: no direct flights. You will not find in your services much of what attract us from the cruel winter frost to the paradise islands. I mean the abundance of snow-white beaches, such as in Antigua, where its about 365 - and its possible to visit new beach every day throughout the year. Do you have it also? One or two and that's it. No. We go to you for another thing - you hit the point: it is our yearning for the pristine and unspoiled nature leads us to your island. So, strike your motto and a thin trickle of our traces to the island will dry at all. The job will lose not only hotels, tour-guides, but also the people who spend their money: super-markets, shops, merchant in the markets. This will be a small model of a large economic crisis. Agriculture also would lose competitiveness. Certainly customers of your bananas and pineapples pay attention from where the goods had come: from the gasoline stunk huge country or from the small clean island. And if your customers do not pay attention that, then your competitors will show them the changes, which had happen. Inevitable oil spills in the sea will make worse conditions of fishing. And to whom sell the fish? The population will decrease. First people, who will departure from the island - owners of tourism business, after them others will left. Remained people on the island: 400 support staff on the Oil Refinery and 400 firefighters - at first glance, its terrible prospect, but it is so real. Where do you see yourself: operator of built refinery or somebody, who seeks to run from the accursed island?

Today American reach your island only because their attracted to Dominica virginity. Build the Oil Refinery and for to just swim with a mask and flippers it's much easier to get to Santa Cruz. It means your tourists now will be anywhere near the islands close to America. White liners, which stand at your berths everyday, will change to the ugly and dirty oil barges. When it will have started to build the refinery, guys, who are working in the tourism business, rush first to these islands, where your visitors will be tomorrow. If you will late – then it will be more complicated for you.

At Russia, we have so many nationalities, which are rather act independently and disorganized. But we have the heritage of all humanity - Baikal Lake. It's the world's biggest reservoir of fresh crystal-clear water, which contents a fifth part of all fresh water in the world. And on the several dozen kilometers from this lake it had started to build the oil pipeline. Ponder, in the distance between pipe and the lake would fit Dominica, but the public felt it was dangerous and no any calculations of any examinations can influence the opinion of Russian people, who had experienced the explosion of "absolutely safe" nuclear station. Protest marches, rallies and other actions were forced to change the trail of oil pipeline very far from the Baikal Lake.

Along the Baikal it was suppose to be just one tube of oil. We were told it will be extra-safety: the highest quality of welding and metal, professional workers - everything was guaranteed. But we did not believe in this. And we won! This victory not so much for the sake of ourselves, but even for you - this is the heritage of all humanity, not just ours. On Dominica will be spin the web of oil pipes and huge towers, that can fall from the first hurricane or earthquake - the danger is so higher than Baikal could get from the one pipe. Do you understand our psychology and concern in such things?

Dominica is the heritage of the WHOLE humanity, but it happened that God handed you cherish it. Be deserve the gift of Our Father. Decide not by mind, but your heart: do not believe any experts and do not buy on empty promises.

Written by Vlad Domennov.

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